Professional Comments

Susan Estep represents part of a new young breed of competent and caring esthetic dentists, effortlessly applying skills and levels of excellence that belie her youth and enthusiasm. Every time I am around her, I am impressed with her quest for improvement and easygoing nature- She is a winner!


Dr. Rick Coker, DDS, FACE
Director, Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics

Dr. Peter Boulden & Dr. Susan Estep are two of dentistry’s rising stars! Their commitment to continuing education, superb clinical skills, and ease with which they communicate with people are qualities that we should all emulate. Patients should be comforted by knowing that they will be well taken care of in their dental practice; both doctors spend time getting to know you and understanding your personal dental situation. They also offer you the latest in dental treatment options to successfully take care of your needs & wants. For expert care in the Atlanta area, Drs. Boulden and Estep are a great choice!

Dr. Mike Maroon
Founder & Fellow, Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics

Dr. Susan Estep and Dr. Peter Boulden have defined their commitment to patient care by investing in hundreds of hours of continuing education. What sets their practice apart is THEM! They have fantastic personality’s that instantly make people comfortable. I have known them for a few years now, and have seen the evolution of their practice into one of the most technically advanced and state-of-the-art offices. As a practicing dentist for over 20 years I would trust my care to them.

Dr. Tim Hale
Founder & Fellow, Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics

Dr. Boulden has proven himself to be an exceptional cosmetic dentist – one of the most talented in the country, in fact. He has devoted himself to staying on the cutting edge of technology, materials, and technique. His patients are very fortunate to have found Dr. Boulden, and they can rest assured that the care they receive will be exceptional. I would feel very comfortable entrusting Dr. Boulden to do my own (as well as my family’s) dental care.

Dr. James H. Arnold, DDS, FACE
Hornbrook Group Clinical Instructor
Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics Fellowship Committee

Having worked with Dr. Boulden personally, you will not find a finer individual and what a tremendous dentist. He is years ahead of the pack and brings a vision to dentistry rarely seen today.


Dr. Trent Smallwood, DDS
Centre for Contemporary Dental Concepts